Weigh in!

So this is another weigh in day. This morning I was nervous about if my weight would keep going back up, what if I was eating too much. What if all the lies I was told about high carb was wrong and my body is abnormal and I just can’t lose weight. What if I will forever be this fat and hate myself till I die… I get dark sometimes.

So I got my scale out and turned it on by tapping it, all the while freaking out inside. I them stepped on the scale and let out a deep breathe and slowly breathed while I watched the lines fluctuate to show its thinking/calculating. Then the number popped up.

321lbs!!!!!!! So I went from 325lbs to 321lbs! To boot I started at 332lbs!!!!!! I am doing good at eating better, lowered my junk food intake to maybe once the past week. Possibly twice. Lowered my fat intake, and I am feeling good, no issues with blood sugars or hydration.

I am so happy with this, my current goal in the next 2 months is to get under 300, which
I have not been under 300lbs in a long time.

My food today was a bowl of rice with corn, carrots, and peas. Then when I got home I had the same with some salad on the side. Then for dinner I made a special treat I shared with mi familia, sloppy joes. It turned out really yummy, but not like I remember them I thought they were more like ketchup with the bite of vinegar in it, but I haven’t had a sloppy joe in many years. My littlest one and my eldest enjoyed it, my husband did as well, my middle child tried it and was like Eh not into it. lol

Remember to stay awesome folks!



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