Doctor appointment

So I had a physical today, and I wasn’t expecting anything abnormal, but I also was expecting abnormal things, not sure why. So I had blood work done a few weeks ago and I was told the results of those, everything is, as the doctor put it, beautiful. My physical was, again as she put it, beautiful. Heh. It made me think, prior to going vegan, my weight was slowly climbing, I was on the cusp of having diabetes, and my blood pressure was creeping up to hypertension levels. Which would mean I would need to go on so many medications because prior to going vegan I didn’t know there was any other option. I had several incidences of depression and high anxiety, I took medications off and on for when I needed them. I used to be agoraphobic once, I stayed inside my house for an entire year, that was nuts. So today to hear all my lab levels are perfect, my A1C (diabetic test) is perfect, my blood pressure is perfect, my physical body (minus being obese) is perfect, everything is perfect, and to boot I have lost 12 pounds since doing fasting and eating better.

Another kicker that gives me a chuckle I am eating a lot of rice, and I mean a lot of rice! yet I am losing weight. So HA stupid backwards thinking of carbs make you fat.

I haven’t felt this good in so long, and my life is amazing right now!

Everything is awesome! (Anyone who sings that in the proper way gets 2 points to their house! (harry potter joke. heh)

Remember to stay awesome folks!



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