Excited for Wednesdays…

I look forward to Wednesdays for the weigh in now that I have been choosing better food choices. Tomorrow will tell if some of my slip ups have set me back at all.

Started my last semesters of college today, and I still find it so funny at how many times what we learn is diary and meat are known causes of SO many disease, not just the normally thought ones, yet no one wants to listen. One day, one day it will be different I hope. My goal from college and school is to become a nurse practitioner with a specialty of changing patients food to heal the body before going forth with medical interventions, if they are needed I am not opposed to medical interventions.

Not enough plant based doctors or nurse practitioners, so that is my goal, but I am almost done with school now and I can start working and then back into school.


Remember to stay awesome folks!

weigh in


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