Having troubles

So I have been bad on the weekends for fasting, I have been eating earlier than 12, sometimes even as early as 10. I try to move my eating window so that I still am doing 16 hours but it has been becoming increasingly harder to fast. Stress about school, doing clinicals, doing homework, studying for tests, balancing home life with all that, I am in my final semester so now I am worried about not passing my exit exam, or my state exam either, and not becoming a nurse. I am, what seems like, trying to sabotage myself.

It is past 8, and I want to eat something. I don’t know if I am bored, I am trying to find a distraction, but I have gotten some recent motivation that I am trying to draw from.

When I started nursing school I was in a size 7x pants. Recently I wanted a pair of pants with more pockets, way more pockets… my size 7x had 2 and one was not usable really. So I found a pair with 11 pockets! Down side (at the time) they only came in size 5x. I was hoping since I know I had lost a little bit of weight maybe they would fit possibly a bit snug and I might not be able to sit, but if that was the case I would return them. They came in the mail and I hesitantly tried them on accepting that it was probably going to go badly and they would not fit me, and I would have to return the pants I wanted with so many pockets! So I started pulling them up and I was dumb founded, they went over my stomach (I am a really big lady). I was then just knowing I won’t be able to tie them, or sit. BUT THEN I TIED THEM, AND SAD DOWN FINE! So I went from wearing a size 7x to a 5x! I will get to my goal weight!!!! I WILL!



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